Making expense approval even easier

Feature Enhancements

We are making expense management even easier. Now expense approvers can sort pending expenses by clicking the column names. They can also select multiple expenses and approve or reject them. If the expense is rejected we even send an email to the requester.

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Your Data, Your Way! Announcing Custom Reporting

Announcements, Feature Enhancements

So this sounds like a hamburger commercial, but it's true. Using our new Custom Reporting tool, you can easily generate reports the way you want them by following the simple report wizard.

Step 1: Name your report

Step 2: Pick your data groups.(in production there will be more groups than this to choose from).

Step 3: Pick your columns in the order that you want them. You can also so actions like sum, count or average.

Step 4: Filter your data. In this version each filter is using an AND operator. 

Step 5: Group your data. 

Step 6: Order your data.

That's it. Now you have a report that you can run anytime you need it. You can easily edit it to update any values and run it as often as you would like. You can output your report to a PDF or to Excel.



Individual Documents for Case Program Enrollments

Announcements, Feature Enhancements

In May, we introduced our interactive document solution. Since then, we upgraded it to included documents for either case or individual program enrollments. Now we've taken another step forward. In some programs you have documents for each individual in a case but the program is a case based enrollment. In the below screenshot, you can see that the Alien Change of Address (AR11) is configured by individual while the program is R&P which a case based enrollment. While we were making changes we also integrated the ability to make designated documents available only the individuals that are part of case based enrollment programs based on employment. Another big step forward for the refugee management industry that we are happy to serve.

RMS V2 Sneak Peek 2

Announcements, Feature Enhancements, Future Enhancements

Here is another sneak peek of our upcoming version 2 release. You can see the use of new modal windows and also a groovy wizard used when creating a new case or in this example of adding a secondary applicant.

RMS V2 Sneak Peek

Announcements, Feature Enhancements

We've been hard at work to make RMS easier to use. Below is a picture of a tablet with a sneak peek of the new version 2 design. This design will feature user interface improvements making RMS easier to use and also work great on a tablet. We are targeting an October 1 release date.



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