New Editor with Spell check

Feature Enhancements

There is now a new editor in place and it includes a spell checker. When you misspell a word it will appear with a red underline you can then right click the word and it will provide a list of suggestions. If want more help just click the spell checker in the toolbar and you will find thesaurus and grammar options too!

*Note: We have an issue with an issue with data populating and we have a ticket we are working the editor software support.

Print Case notes based on applicant

Feature Enhancements

We've added an additional drop down to the case note preview screen. You can now print case notes based on applicant.

Household Budget Module

Feature Enhancements

We've now have a new household budgeting module. You can enter the incomes or expenses for the initial case budget and it displays in the preview. Go back later in the case time period and then enter the case close incomes and expenses and the report is updated.

This report also includes a budget assessment showing income minus expenses to show you a great summary.


Basic Necessity Module

Feature Enhancements

We now have a new basic necessity module. You can add the items supplied to the case and they appear in the preview screen. You could them print the report.

Automatic case notes during job placement

Feature Enhancements

The below case notes are now created based on actions done on the job placement screen.

Job Placement

(Client name) obtained employment with (Employer) located at (employer address) as a (description). This position pays ($wage/hour), ( W/Wo benefits) and is (hours/week).  The contact person is (Contact) ( phone number).  (Client Name) started working on ( start date)


Job Termination

(Client name) is no longer working with (Employer) located at (employer address) as a (description) as of (end date) due to ( reason) .



Contact Info


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Phone number:

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