Training Videos

  • Getting Started - (Length: 10:53, Created 4/6/14) - Explains logging into the system, changing passwords, explains menus, quick search and advanced search to find a case.
  • Creating a new case - (Length: 12:08, Created 4/6/14) - Explains how to create a new case, US Tie, Sponsor, and language, health, education, and employment bio data for the primary applicant.
  • Adding family members to a case - (Length 4:14, Created 4/6/14) - Explains how to create additional applicants on a case.
  • Editing and deleting cases/refugees - (Length: 3:51, Created 4/8/14) - Shows how to edit or delete either cases or refugees. Deleting items is usually restricted to the user that has admin level security privileges. 
  • Adding and editing arrival information  - (Length: 3:43, Created 4/8/14) - Demonstrates how to added and edit arrival information.
  • Referring a case to a program  - (Length: 5:30, Created 4/14/14) - How to refer a case or refugee to one or more programs.
  • Enrolling a case (program directors)  - (Length: 3:34, Created 4/14/14) - How to enroll a case or refugee after they have been referred.
  • Changing a program enrollment (directors) - how to change a program enrollment to change budget or remove an enrollment.
  • Creating a case note  - Coming soon.
  • Creating multiple notes at once  - Coming soon.
  • Creating an expense request  - Coming soon.
  • Creating and managing recurring expenses  - Coming soon.
  • Preview screen - Expenses and Case Notes  - Coming soon.
  • Job Placement - Coming soon.
  • Case Contact - how to add case contact info such as address and phone numbers.
  • Documents - How to edit, add, and delete documents.
  • Running Reports - Coming soon
  • Security - creating users, changing users passwords, creating roles and assigning access.
  • System configuration - how to change reference tables and case note templates.
  • Organizations and People - how to add organizations and people where would you use them.
  • Health Screening - how to track health screening
  • Opening and closing cases - why would you open or close a case?
  • MG Status - how to change a mg status and where does this show up.


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