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Through our wizard we walk you through your case to easily create a new case including:
  • Case Number
  • Refugee Status
  • Assurance
  • Reported Case Size
  • VOLAG/Originator
  • US Tie
  • Primary Refugee and various bio data

    Arrival Information

  • US Arrival Date
  • Local Arrival Date
  • Arrival Confirmation Date
  • Who Picked Them Up
  • Entry Program (R&P,Walk-In)
  • Arrival comments so you can document the unexpected.
  • Automatic case note creation, again we are here to save caseworker time. Enter the arrival and the case note is created for them saving a task.

You can also use the wizard on an existing case to quickly make changes.

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We also wizard you through entering applicants to collect the following:
  • Address
  • Contact Information
  • Housing Information
  • Health Information and urgency
  • Languages they speak and ability
  • Education levels, schools and skills
  • Employment Information
  • AlienID & Social Security
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Religion
  • Denomination
  • Years Education
  • Race
  • Nationality
  • Marital Status
  • Relationship to primary contact.
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We have the most comprehensive case note system you can imagine. You can manage case notes in various ways:
  • Notes By Refugee
  • Notes By Case
  • Same note posted to multiple cases.
  • Same note posted to multiple programs.
  • Reporting By Program
  • Reporting By Case
  • Reporting By Contract
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We have created a system of communication and logging of Program Enrollment:
  • A case worker initiates a referral and it notifies the program director that they have a referral.
  • The program director either declines the enrollment or accepts and assigns a contract, budget, and case workers to the case.
  • The referring person and assigned caseworker is notified.
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Expense requests can be inundating, we simplify by doing the following:
  • Electronic expense approval with multiple approval levels.
  • See the case expense preview on the screen with the expense request. This helps you determine if this case is on budget.
  • Program manager can change and approve the request instead of just declining the request avoiding duplicate work.
  • Reoccurring expenses - enter repetitive expenses once, then just release and approve each month.
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You control who has access to what:
  • User Creation - Create and remove users.
  • Role Creation - Decide what tools users have access to.
  • Email Assignment - Decide what emails users get.
  • Reference Management - Manage your vendors, nationalities, denominations, volags, etc.
  • Organizations - Manage organizations you deal with.
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Manage Jobs and track changes:
  • New Jobs
  • Termination
  • Pay Changes
  • Benefit Changes
  • 120 & 180 day reporting.
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Communicate information to those that need it:
  • Arrival Reporting
  • Donation Reporting
  • Pending Expense Request Management
  • Case Expense Summary Reporting
  • Disbursement Reporting
  • Matching Grant Enrollment
  • RCA Enrollment
  • Case Assignment
  • Completion Status
  • Ad-hoc Reporting
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We build data entry forms for your checklists so your caseworkers can update items from their tablet or laptop in the field:
  • Enter form data using a tablet or laptop
  • Updates progress bar for completion of the program
  • Print out filled out form or email to reporting entity
  • Core services checklist automatically create standardized case notes.
  • Forget about having to locate a paper copy of the form, fill out by hand, and scan it back in again!
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