Editor issue resolved

Bug Fixes

In January, I incorporated a new editor but found a problem with populating case note templates. I'm happy to say this problem is now fixed and the new editor is back in place. Bringing with it spell check.


Fixes week of 2/16/14

Bug Fixes
  1. Added requested by on Expense Edit and Expense approval screens.
  2. Fixed issue with caseid not coming from pending expense list causing error due to new preview screens.
  3. Fixed issue with expense request amount.

Valid example values are now:

  • 100
  • 100.00
  • $100
  • $100.00
  • -100
  • -100.00
  • -$100
  • -$100.00


Fixes week of 2/9/14

Bug Fixes

Shoo bugs shoo. The following are resolved this week.

  1. When doing a recurring request then use submit then print the expense request isn't printing.
  2. Masking on amount for expense request.
  3. On MG Enrollment report there should be a number at only at PA.
  4. Recurring expense printing issue, it’s printing all expenses first then all the summaries.
  5. Case expense summary report - IMGH for month of november only showing 2 cases.
  6. Arrival report test using november summary doesn’t add up.
  7. Don’t show match in kind and donation in GL list - for case summary and disbursement - changed for disbursement report, chart of accounts is not on the case summary expense summary criteria
  8. Last name search showing duplicates.
  9. RCA Enrollment report not showing employable count.
  10. RCA Enrollment report showing cases that are referred and not yet enrolled causing counts to be off.

Recurring request improvements

Bug Fixes, Feature Enhancements

Some enhancements and bug fixed in regards to recurring expenses. You can now click select and deselect the checkbox in the select header to toggle all checkboxes on the recurring expenses list. We've also made this list filterable by date range. It replaces an all / this month radio button. We've also fixed the expense request list printing so page break are in the correct places.

Fixes week of 1/1/14

Bug Fixes

1. Added date validation on edit expense request

2. Issue with race, ethnicity, and years of education not updating when editing a refugee.

3. Alien number can't be entered if case was deleted.

4. Expense preview miscalulations due to deleted items.

5. All not returning results in print preview.

6. Family size added to expense report.

7. Date of arrival is now dynamic based on program configuration, US arrival for R&P and local arrival for Cuban Hatian.

8. Modification to the header of the case expense summary report.



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