New Reports 2Q 2016

Announcements, Feature Enhancements

We've created some new reports for all of customers:

1. Activity Log - RMS now keeps track of every click in the system so you can see who did what. Currently the activity is tracked for the past 30 days.

2. Enrollment - Allows you to select any program and a date range to see what enrollments were processed. 

3. Job Placement Report - Find who getting a job for the date range selected.

Just more reasons we are the leading Refugee Case Management system.

New Features Released (2Q 2016)

Announcements, Feature Enhancements

We've added a few new features:

  1. Referral comments - When referring a client the users performing the referral can now add a comment. The program manager processing the referral can use this information during the enrollment process.
  2. Add/Delete Documents - Documents can be added and deleted from an enrollment. For example during program enrollment all language versions of documents are populated to a case. A case worker can now removed unneeded documents that have languages that do not pertain to the case. Caseworkers can also add a document if they need and extra copy of a document for whatever reason. This puts your agency another step closer to full electronic case management.
  3. Language levels - There is now an unknown option for language comprehension level.
  4. Case Contact - There is now select a county when creating contact information for a case. While working on adding county we went ahead and added the contact screen as part of the case creation wizard.
  5. Arrival Report - On the Arrival report there is now an extra option on the arrival status named Enrollment, this means you can filter the arrival report based on the date someone was enrolled into a program. This helps programs that a downstream from R&P to see when a case was enrolled in the program they manage
  6. Assurance Date - There is now an optional assurance date that can be populated as part of the case data.
  7. Release First Payment when creating a recurring expense - when creating a recurring expense the first payment was already released into the approval process, we've added a checkbox in the event that the requestor doesn't want to released that first expense just yet.
  8. Dashboard - We've also release an Alpha version of our new dashboard.

refugee management system dashboard


Dynamic Case Note Templates

Feature Enhancements
RMS just keeps getting better. We now support the ability to have variable in your case note templates. Let's say that you have a case note that you want some bio data of the case to be automatically placed into the case when it is created by the caseworker. You can easily edit your case note template and insert one of the below variables and when the case note is created that value of that case's bio data will be placed into the case note.
Current list of variables for dynamic case notes: 
This helps eliminate typos and provides consistent case notes.
Static case note:
Dynamic case note template:

Manage Health Screenings

Announcements, Feature Enhancements

Refugee Solution's RMS, the most advanced Refugee Case Management System, now will help your agency keep track of who has received a mandatory health screening. This screen allows medical program case workers to manage who attended while also being able to generate a report to provide the information where needed. This saves time in manual tracking and report creation. Our partner agencies keep advising us how we can help agencies. Let us help your agency join the 21st century today.


New Petty Cash and Pocket Money Modules

Announcements, Feature Enhancements

We are proud to announce the release of new petty cash and pocket money modules. You will create a request as normal but now there is a radio button to select a type of expense check (normal expense), pocket money which is a check that is created and then sent to a location for distribution, or petty cash.



Here is what the new petty cash screen looks like:

Here is what the new pocket money screen shot looks like:





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