Fixes week of 12/9

Bug Fixes

1. Required at least one recurring expense to be selected before performing action

2. Fixed date validation on arrival report

3. Negative entry in expense request, modified masking on amount field.



Our development partner Alliance for Multicultural Community Services goes live with Refugee Solution's RMS (refugee management system). This is a historical day in what will be a big help to the refugee services industry.


Fixes week of 12/2

Bug Fixes

1. Case assignment report pulling cases outside of date range.

2. Case assignment report sort order due to deleted/recreated case worker user account.

3. Added total for family size in case Expense summary.

Fixes week of 11/19

Bug Fixes

1. Issue with completion report.

2. Issue with account deletion from demo system.

3. Duplicate case due to double clicking

4. Issue with paymentid in recurring expense requests




Fixes week of 11/4

Bug Fixes

1. Multiple issues with case expense summary report not calculating properly.

2. Also added date validation to the case expense summary report.

3. Added checking for case selected to case expense report.



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