What benefits do refugees receive?

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When refugees arrive, they receive assistance — such as spending money, medical care and assistance paying rent — while they get on their feet. The goal is to help newcomers find jobs as quickly as possible so they can become self-sufficient. The affiliate receives federal money to provide services. “The accountability of this money is extremely tight,” Rwasama said. The CSI Refugee Center went through five audits by different groups in the past year.

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Make your audits of refugee resettlement case management easier using Refugee Solution. We can manage your case expenses and provide a level of approval that works for your affiliate.

Busting the myth's about refugees

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Great video. Our software helps the resettlement agencies service the refugees. People should get educated about resettlement.


Refugees are safer than peanuts

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John Oliver proves that refugees are safer than peanuts but his handlers aren't smart enough to permit embedding so here is the link.
For those of you that like ebmedding here is the daily show. Same subject.



Dynamic Case Note Templates

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RMS just keeps getting better. We now support the ability to have variable in your case note templates. Let's say that you have a case note that you want some bio data of the case to be automatically placed into the case when it is created by the caseworker. You can easily edit your case note template and insert one of the below variables and when the case note is created that value of that case's bio data will be placed into the case note.
Current list of variables for dynamic case notes: 
This helps eliminate typos and provides consistent case notes.
Static case note:
Dynamic case note template:

Manage Health Screenings

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Refugee Solution's RMS, the most advanced Refugee Case Management System, now will help your agency keep track of who has received a mandatory health screening. This screen allows medical program case workers to manage who attended while also being able to generate a report to provide the information where needed. This saves time in manual tracking and report creation. Our partner agencies keep advising us how we can help agencies. Let us help your agency join the 21st century today.




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