Stars Among Us 2014

Social Events

Refugee Solution hosts a table of guests at Alliance for Multicultural Community Services Stars Among Us Gala. Special thanks to Miriam Diria, Director of Operations, for inviting us to be part of this special event. We are looking forward to the 30th anniversary of Alliance next year.

New Interactive Documents

Announcements, Feature Enhancements

We've been busy working on major enhancements. The biggest one being that can now save all case documents in the database. When a case is enrolled in program the documents are created.

If you click edit your document will open and you see that information in the database will already be populated to your document. You can then edit the document in PDF. When you are done editing you can click the Submit button in the document and the data will be saved and you will be back at the document screen. If you click edit again you will see all the information you entered into the document is all there.

You can also select a document and click Print to print the document. This will flatten the PDF for printing make it look like your data is part of the document. If you select multiple documents then it will combine the documents into a single PDF available for printing. You can also use download to combine documents for saving or sending.


Training videos


We have created a new training section that will include videos on how to use the RMS system. Check back regularly or contact us to give us ideas for new videos.

Editor issue resolved

Bug Fixes

In January, I incorporated a new editor but found a problem with populating case note templates. I'm happy to say this problem is now fixed and the new editor is back in place. Bringing with it spell check.


Dynamic keywords for recurring expenses

Feature Enhancements

When creating recurring expenses you can now use [m] as a dynamic keyword in the description field and the system will replace [m] with the appropriate month. The start month is based on the requested date of the expense and each subsequent month. For example: "Rent for [m]" in the description field of a recurring expense with a requested date of 2/25/2014 with a recurrence date of 3/3/14 for 3 time would create a total of 4 expenses. In each respective description field it would say Rent for February, Rent for March, Rent for April, Rent for May. We will be expanding the concept to other keywords and items such as case notes in the future.


We also added a release and print button for customers that don't use our electronic approval process yet.



Contact Info


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Phone number:

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